Manage your equipment renewals

Our teams will help you audit your equipment assets (medical, IT, mobile, vehicle, industrial).

Why an audit?

Conducting an inventory and a financial, technical and administrative analysis of your assets allows you to optimise the cost/productivity ratio for your equipment and anticipate replacement needs.

Olinn's expertise

As part of our auditing service, we estimate the technical performance of your equipment compared to new equipment, conduct a joint analysis of the administrative environment (purchases made from company capital, rentals, etc.) and estimate the true costs of ownership. The goal: to help you make the right equipment decisions and improve your performance.


To help your company efficiently manage its equipment, Olinn has developed the Parc Manager asset management portal.

Parc Manager is a powerful tool for optimal, dynamic equipment management. Its functionalities improve operational management and optimise financial commitments.

Improve your operational management

  • Identify your equipment. You'll have an overview of your rented hardware and software;
  • Simplify your management. You'll have a real-time view of your technology assets.
  • Assess the condition of your equipment. You'll be able to visualise the operating status of your assets at any time.
  • Manage renewals. By switching your assets to a rental model, you'll control the life cycle of your equipment.

Optimise your financial commitments

  • Control and adjust your assets and leasing costs according to your needs.
  • Replace or extend the life of your equipment.
  • Mapyour equipment on your different sites.

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