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Today, digital transformation – whether due to the restructuring of internal organisations or changes in consumption patterns – requires the implementation of high-performance information technologies (IT) tailored to operational constraints.

Your ability to obtain IT equipment (hardware and software) for your company is one of the keys to your competitiveness. But this can make managing your assets even more costly, as the equipment must be renewed regularly.

Olinn provides you with solutions that allow you to achieve operational requirements while reining in the cost of your computer equipment, all within a socially and environmentally responsible approach.

When it comes to IT resource management, it is tempting for a company to try to keep IT equipment for as long as possible in order to reduce expenses and maintain cash flow.

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But that approach ignores the hidden costs! As equipment ages, equipment performance and reliability decreases, while maintenance and support costs increase. Approximately 80% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT equipment can be attributed not to acquisition costs, but to the use, support and management of the equipment. And the TCO increases as the assets age (e.g., due to more frequent unavailability or operational unsuitability).


What if it were possible to extend the lifecycle of IT equipment, and thereby make significant savings without sacrificing efficiency?

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