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Your materials-handling and heavy-construction equipment

Materials handling / heavy construction, today everything is rented.

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Does your company need to obtain materials-handling and heavy-construction equipment?

Tractors, lorries, aerial buckets, mini excavators, earthmoving equipment, crawlers, concrete mixers, hoists, forklifts, compactors, cranes, jackhammers, etc. Not only does this equipment require significant financial resources to acquire, but it must also be renewed at regular intervals. Your company's competitiveness is on the line.

To remain successful, you'll need to choose the right investment strategies.

With Olinn, you can opt for a scalable, operational and sustainable rental solution

Olinn offers integrated long-term rental (LTR) solutions to address your materials-handling and heavy-construction equipment needs.

Why should you use LTR?

Scalability. With rental, you can adjust your equipment to your needs and take advantage of technological advances.

Operational efficiency. Rather than using financial resources to acquire new equipment, you pay only for its use during the time you are using it. When you opt for rental, ownership costs are reduced. And you can be sure you have equipment in perfect working order.

Sustainability. By adjusting your equipment to your needs, you'll help reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources. Well-maintained equipment in good working condition is both more economical and less polluting.


An integrated, all-in-one offering for your business

Olinn offers integrated solutions to address your materials-handling and heavy-construction equipment needs.

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You choose your new or second-hand equipment from your suppliers.

Location longue durée

Long-term rental

We help you finance your equipment with financial rental solutions tailored to your situation.

Gestion de votre parc

Asset management

Manage your assets efficiently with our management tools.

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Your balance sheet and tax arrangements, optimised

With our scalable rental solutions, you'll maintain your borrowing capacity and cash flow, streamline costs over the chosen term and spread out VAT payments. Olinn advises you in managing your investment strategy according to your budgetary constraints.


Assets in step with your needs

You are free to choose your suppliers and change equipment at any time according to your needs. With our special management tool, you can manage your assets with ease.

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CSR benefits

A reduced environmental footprint

With Olinn and its long-term rental solutions, your equipment is new, well-maintained and environmentally friendly.

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