CSR: why financial rental is a weapon against waste

More and more companies now have a CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy. This is particularly the case for companies using operating leases as a way to obtain equipment, rather than using traditional ways of buying it such as a bank loan. Operating leases are a way to reduce waste and contribute to preserving the environment, one of the pillars of CSR. Why? How? To explain…

The circular economy: one of the pillar of CSR

In 2011, the European Commission defined CSR as "the responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society". CSR therefore covers major areas such as responsible procurement, equality in the workplace and the circular economy, a principle underlying operating leases.

The circular economy, as opposed to the linear economy inherited from industrialisation, involves producing goods and services in a sustainable manner, reducing the consumption and waste of resources and the production of waste. It is a new business model that aims to move away from the "throw-away" society and to address various challenges:

  • Preserving exhaustible resources;
  • Protecting the environment, in particular by reducing one's carbon footprint;
  • Enabling sustainable economic and industrial development;
  • reducing waste and wastefulness, particularly through recycling.

Why are operating leases good for CSR?

The circular economy is based on various pillars such as sustainable procurement (considering the environmental impact of resources used), responsible consumption (considering environmental and social impacts at all stages of the product life cycle, whether the buyer is public or private) and the functional economy. The last-named concept aims to promote use over ownership and selling a service rather than an asset. And that's exactly what Olinn's offer of operating leases is.

Rather than buying an asset or device, you lease it over a long period of time. You therefore pay to use the equipment during the lease period, and not to own it. The contract with Olinn is all-in-one: it will take back the equipment at the end of the lease and refurbish and recycle it through specialised channels. Thus, when you renew your equipment, you will always have state-of-the-art machines and be part of a responsible and sustainable system.

Operating leases: managing the different lives of the product

Operating leases include the provision of an asset and its maintenance, and the equipment is also taken back at the end. For example, if you opt for operating leases for your IT equipment or mobiles, they will be refurbished and begin a new life with businesses or individuals. If they are at the end of their lives, some components may be reused or recycled after dismantling. This reduces waste, since computers are not thrown away when they no longer meet your needs.

The same principle applies to vehicle fleets: at the end of your contract, Olinn will take your vehicles back and replace them with more recent and more energy-efficient models, for example with electric or hybrid vehicles. Your cars will always be well maintained and therefore less polluting.

This principle can also apply to medical equipment, so that it is maintained and taken back when necessary. Companies that opt for operating leases for their equipment are therefore implementing a CSR strategy. Its objective is to reduce waste and extend the life cycle of the product, while guaranteeing the company's performance.

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