The Leaseback Solution


A financing solution for companies that wish to manage their cash flow and finance their growth

#1 It's simple!

The added value of a piece of equipment lies in its use and not in its possession.

Leaseback lets you trade in your existing assets at net book value and refinance them through progressive rental.

#2 For all businesses!

Regardless of your turnover, the number of employees or your line of business.

For all types of equipment: computer equipment, industrial equipment, transport equipment, construction equipment, etc.

#3 Easy access terms!

Olinn sets up a progressive financial rental contract with you for the term of your choice. The equipment must be less than 18 months old

Capacité d'endettement préservée

Borrowing capacity maintained

 Apport de trésorerie immediat

Immediate cash injection

 Allègement de votre structure bilancielle

Simplify your balance sheet structure

Simplification de la gestion administrative

Simplified administrative management

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