Operating lease

Olinn helps you finance the equipment and technological solutions you need for your business. Our experts work with you to build tailor-made operating lease solutions that are appropriate to your needs and your financial and operational constraints.

Rental is not just a means of financing; most importantly, it is a means of managing your equipment.

Opt for progressive, operational and sustainable lease solutions

Avantages économiques

Optimise your investment and development strategy

Olinn supports you in the financial engineering of your investments. By spreading out the financial burden over time thanks to progressive rental, you protect your equity, your cash flow and your financial independence. Why buy when you can pay only for the use of the equipment? By opting for operational rental, you reduce cost of ownership.

For successful management, use the right financing.


Enjoy our expertise and technical services

Olinn offers its solutions and expertise to help you manage your equipment efficiently and effectively.

With progressive rental, you can change equipment according to your needs and enjoy the latest technological innovations. You can easily renew your equipment according to your needs and the condition of the materials, and adjust your contracts according to your activities.


Avantages opérationnels
Avantages RSE
CSR Benefits

For successful management, think global and sustainable

Olinn helps you implement your CSR strategy. Renting lets you adjust your equipment to your needs.

When you rent with Olinn, your equipment is always in perfect working order - and maintained equipment is both less polluting and more economical. Olinn handles the process of trading in, reconditioning and recycling your old equipment through specialised channels. With us, your equipment renewals become part of a responsible and sustainable business model.

The benefits of Olinn

With Olinn, the benefits are numerous: attractive budget terms, flexible usage and delegation options, access to a management solution, etc.

Our advisers support you over time and at all stages in the process. We work with you to establish terms for duration, deployment periods or eligible investments, and set up and implement contracts.

Maintenance contract and equipment insurance: gain peace of mind

Maintenance. To be sure that you always have equipment in perfect working order, combine your rental contract with a maintenance contract, while remaining free to choose your service providers and suppliers.

Equipment insurance. A complementary insurance service for your equipment provides you with secure financing. In the event of a partial or total loss, we can offer solutions.

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