What do you do with your old IT equipment?

Are you planning to renew your IT equipment? The choice of new computers, desktops or laptops, is a very important question for IT managers, but the matter of what to do with the old ones is just as important! What should you do with your old IT equipment? More and more companies are choosing to outsource this heavy task to a professional equipment management specialist.

Get a broker to buy up your IT equipment


Of course, you can sell devices that you no longer need. Not only do you get rid of your computers, but the sale can bring in a significant amount of cash.

But who will manage the sale of your old IT equipment? You can approach an IT broker, who is a second-hand market expert and will carry out an audit of your old equipment and determine which products can be reused and which need to be recycled. Note that since 2005, recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) has been mandatory. Companies' recycling bills can be reduced by selling devices that may have a second life.

Have the equipment taken back by an operating lease company


When your IT equipment becomes obsolete and you want to renew it, why not turn to an equipment leasing and management company? Depending on what it offers, you may have the opportunity to lease, over a long period of time, state-of-the-art equipment tailored to your needs. At the start of the contract, it will buy back your old equipment to give it a second life (which also can provide a valuable cash injection). It can also offer other services:

  • Sourcing: it can help you choose new or refurbished equipment tailored to your needs.
  • Financing: this is about finding the best solution to manage your equipment and upgrade it.
  • Management: tools are available to manage your IT equipment, anticipate renewals and adapt them according to your financial constraints and the real value of each device.

Note that not all leasing and management companies offer these services. Find out beforehand to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Other services such as taking back and refurbishing your IT equipment can be of real benefit to you. By doing this you are engaging in a socially and environmentally responsible approach and can be sure that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and WEEE standards are being complied with.

With the operating lease system, you can also regularly renew your equipment without having to worry about how to have the equipment taken back, refurbished and recycled. You are entering the virtuous circle of the circular economy!

Donate your old IT equipment


Companies can give their IT equipment to their employees. Since 2019, these gifts have been considered benefits in kind, which must be declared and mentioned on the payslip (before 2019, this type of gift was not considered as remuneration, provided that the equipment was fully depreciated and the value of the gift did not exceed €2,000). However, companies and employees can also declare, by mutual agreement, that this gift is not a benefit in kind, but rather that it is equipment being provided for professional purposes

IT equipment can also be donated to associations to be made available to schools, associations, needy families, etc.

Regardless of the new destination for your old equipment, two elements must always be taken into account: the environmental aspect, with the recycling and recovery of these devices, and the regulatory aspect. When your IT equipment is taken back, all data must be erased in order to comply with GDPR, which has transformed personal data processing practices.

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